Shortly about the previous World Championships: The Hungarian disappointment of 1954

Shortly about the previous World Championships: The Hungarian disappointment of 1954 Although we did not come to the World Cup, however, we are sure that many of us swim to the neck in the WC-fever. We do not even dare to think how excited we would be if our national eleven were in battle, as […]

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About the World Championships so far shortly: the First World Cup after the World War II, the fourth clash

About the World Championships so far shortly: the First World Cup after the World War II, the fourth clash The Second World War, in addition to the day-to-day neglect of life, went badly into sports life: after the third World Cup in 1938 in France, the fourth clash took place only twelve years later. This […]

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9 Essentials For Hosting The Best Kid’s Birthday Party Ever!

Every year we are very excited about the child’s birthday. We’re getting ready, we’re thrilled to get the presents and we love to see the glittering happiness in their eyes when the guests arrive and the gifts come in, right? Think throwing a successful children’s birthday party simply means buying a cake, balloons, and letting […]

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Have you heard about Bubble Waffle?

The new craze: special bubble waffle Bubble football, bubble waffle, bubble love… ❤ Recently was opened a new waffle shop in the middle of the busy downtown, so we quickly tried to encourage the bubble word that is just as a kind of vocal harmony and inviting. Waffle & Love in the Ráday street is […]

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Interval training with Bubble Football

Interval training with Bubble Football Lately the high intensity interval training (HIIT) has become increasingly popular among people who want to lose weight. Several researches prove that it is much more effective to the fat burning than monotonous aerobic exercise. Its success is also due to the fact that people who are lacking in time […]

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Some mysterious curiosities in Budapest, or do not miss it if you are in Budapest!

Are you one of those who wish for miracles, unforgettable experiences, for a trip, sightseeing? If your answer is yes, do not hesitate for a moment and read our article because it is up to you, we’ve exhausted some eternal budapest impressions, of course without the need for completeness. You can discover these places any […]

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Bubble football experience, as a gift!

Surely we were all in the position that we wanted to have some unforgettable, realistic gift to surprise one of our loved ones, and for a few days or weeks we throught about what could be the ideal that we did not actually touch next and indeed a lifelong, much-recalled impulse we’re gonna give… Friend, […]

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A legal doping agent for Bubble Football: Music

It’s no coincidence that we’re also warmly recommending the music under bubble-soccer: we’re sure not to say new to it, but music affects both our mood and our sport performance. However, it may be a novelty to mention: Brunel University London‘s sports psychologist, a certain Costas Karageorghis, has been examining the effect of music on […]

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The significance of school sports in the life of children

“It was ringing at the schools”, September came again, which means that cities are filled with excited, enthusiastic (and less excited and less enthusiastic) students seeking school. As we go to an increasing number of educational establishments to keep bubble football games every year, we are committed to the importance of school sports as a […]

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First World Championships, Puskás and the Golden Team: Hungary’s Football History Part 2

How did football develop in our country, what were the milestones of Hungarian football history? How did the First World Championship take place, what legendary victories could be booked for the former Hungarian troops? In the first part of our series you can read about the “big bang” of Hungarian football; now let us put […]

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How did the fancy dance grow – or where do the cheerleaders come from?

How did the fancy dance grow – or where do the cheerleaders come from? Let’s put our hands on the heart: if someone puts the word “cheerleader” on his mouth, it’s almost certain that a team of girls with miniskirts, minitops and ponytails jumps on the edge of the track are coming to our senses […]

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The rugged way of women’s football

The rugged way of women’s football If we say “female football”, what do you think about? Sexy, pussy, ponytailed ball-juggler girls? Or maybe a resigning, half-sounding “it does not even exist” sigh? Although women’s football history has started somewhat difficult, over the past 123 years, the players have been impressed; and it’s no secret that […]

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Soccer rethinking: bubble-football, the safest extreme sport in Budapest

Soccer rethinking: bubble-football, the safest extreme sport in Budapest The term “extreme sports” and “football” are rarely used in one sentence, and even less commonly associated with this strange pair is the “safe” sign. In our country, for the fifth time, we can confidently say that if we are to give a blow to play […]

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From the previous World Championships shortly: the first Football World Cup

From the previous World Championships shortly: the first Football World Cup There is a global football fever with the events of the World Cup; we thought this is a worthwhile time to gather you briefly about the history of the World Championships so far. Because knowledge is sexy! ? In the first part of our […]

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Shortly about the previous World Championships: the second Football World Cup, the Italian flush

Shortly about the previous World Championships: the second Football World Cup, the Italian flush As the latest soccer world championship is currently taking place, we’ve been collecting the history of the World Championships for you in a nutshell. In our previous article, we wrote about the first tournament, the Uruguayan success; Let’s take a look […]

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From the recent World Cups: the Third Soccer World Cup – Hungarians on the podium and another Italian success

From the recent World Cups: the Third Soccer World Cup – Hungarians on the podium and another Italian success In the last few weeks we have been disappointed to be nostalgic: with the events of the Russian World Cup, we recall the events of previous World Cups. Let’s see what happened to the third championship […]

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Renting a football pitch

If you don’t have a place to play Bubble Football, please contact us for more information.

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BubbleBall for Stag Party

A great program for your bachelor party or stag party. Please contact us details

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bubble football budapest_birthday party

BubbleBall for Kids

With our special Bubbles the kids can play Bubble Football too starting from the age of 7. For further information please contact us. Contact infoTel: +36-30-383-3300E-mail:

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Stress management with BubbleBall

Help get rid of the stress you get at your workplace by playing a game of BubbleBall. For further information please contact us. Contact

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The BubbleBall is Safe

As safety comes always first, we have to say that the BubbleBalls are completely safe and this is a safe sport. We even consider this the safest extreme sport in the World.

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Birthday with BubbleBall

Bubbleball is a great way of celebrating birthdays. For further information please contact us.

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Hungarian football: National hopes or a series of embarrassing events? Hungary football history – Part 1.

Hungarian football … What does an ordinary Hungarian man think first by saying this term? In the right case, the Golden Team. Less badly, the summer EB-fever of 2016 year, when we often blossomed our poor national affiliation, we chanted triumphantly singing in masses on the streets of downtown. In the worst case, the last defeat of […]

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Say goodbye to nervousness with sports: the relationship between movement and stress

We are in the middle of the beach season, which means that we can see our three kind guys on the beaches in their natural environment. One group to those who have been preparing for a long time to show their showcasing bodies to the general public, wrapping up well deserved (verbal or nonverbal) compliments; […]

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A little beer history

A little beer history What does a man want most often when he is thirsty? We think the majority in the light of such a question already sees the dense, white walnut crown in his mind’s eyes, and feels the taste of a delicious, bitter taste in his mouth and he may even form the […]

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Bubble Soccer’s Safety versus Security of Other Sports

Bubble Soccer’s Safety versus Security of Other Sports A common question we get from first time players of bubble soccer is “How safe is it?”. Let’s compare bubble football to regular sports (football, soccer, basketball, baseball, etc.) to put it in perspective. Although the whole point of bubble soccer is to hit each other, it […]

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Come on & let’s run the UEFA Nations League

The subject of course is again the football, the continent is Europe and the timeslot is our present. The UEFA Nations League is a football tournament organized by the Union of  European Football Associations, where adult male national football teams from UEFA member countries can participate. We are talking about a very young initiative, the […]

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To whom do we recommend the bubble soccer?

What a surprise, but not just football fans! So, our dear reader, if you’ve run away so far if somebody just mentioned football, it’s time to redefine your opinion about football and get to know it with a fun and funny side! Kids and adults alike are a thrilling adventure, but if you’re looking for […]

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Budapest with a foreigner’s eyes

The Budapest people are nice, courteous, open, and officials often pack up with people. Foreign students, businessmen and their family members in Hungary were interviewed by a polling company about what Budapest and the people here are living. The result: the foreigners usually spoke with enthusiasm about the Hungarian capital, and firmly stated that Budapest […]

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In 2021 Hungary organized the U21 Football- European Championship 

In 2021 Hungary organized the U21 Football-European Championship From 2019 the MLSZ starts to be strong enough, in 2019 the women’s Champions League finals will be held in Budapest. In 2020, two Eb games will be available for the new Ferenc Puskás Stadium, which will be completed by then, in Budapest. In 2021, together with […]

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Birthday celebration game ideas for kids

Birthday celebration game ideas for kids When a child’s birthday celebration is approaching, there is usually only one thing more for the expectation of the children: the excitement of the parents to make things work well. We’ve gathered some game ideas to make sure you have a memorable birthday party! Game-tips for 3-6 year olds:   […]

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The 2020 European Football Championship will be the first championship for the first time since 1976, before which each UEFA member state will have to participate in the qualifying series due to the many participants tournament organizer. The qualifier is linked to the 2018-2019 UEFA League of Nations, which gives the teams a second exit […]

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The French team lost 0:9 said one of the basic truths of football and the life

The French first-class football champion, Paris Saint-Germain, defeated Guingamp on 9–0, did you hear about it? So what can we say? I mean on the losing side? Following the destructive defeat, the losing team responds on Twitter: “It’s better to beat 9–0 once than to get 1 to 0 nine times.”   If you would like to […]

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Such would be the class trip if the students were organizing!

Such would be the class trip if the students were organizing!  We do not deny that there is no easy task for any class teacher when it is time for organizing class trips. There is a lot of consideration to be given to the “big trip” for everyone, and to spend a day on the […]

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With an overwhelming majority Budapest was chosen as Europe’s best destination.

Budapest became the first place in this year’s European Best Destinations (EBD) vote, the event lasted from January 15, 2019 to February 5, making the Hungarian capital the best destination of Europe. Budapest received 62,128 votes, with many Western European votes knowing this number. Previously, none of the award-winning European destinations received such international support, ie […]

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We are helping you get the most out of your Budapest excursion in 2.5 or 5 days

It is difficult to find a lot of programs and sights to see where you should start to explore Budapest. Whether you stay for a few days or longer, we will help you get home with truly unforgettable experiences: we’ve created programs that touch on the most famous sights and lesser known places, historic stations, and […]

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When crisis crashed in 2008-2009, most companies had “pull their belts”. Nevertheless, according to a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, more than 60% of firms thought there were two things to be invested in: leadership training and team building. Why did they attribute such an important role to these processes at this time and […]

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The bachelor party is definitely an event in the life of every groom that always want to remember, but of course always includes the amount of alcohol you consume… Did you know that the first bachelors were held by the Spartan soldiers before their wedding? Since then, of course, this tradition has spread all over the world, although […]

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Curiosities that most people don’t know about Budapest

The capital of Hungary could be called the city of legends and special stories, although even the inhabitants of the city do not know all their secrets. Did you know that there was a first public park here, are most of the metropolitan spas hereand so me parts of it are also referred to as […]

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