Come on & let’s run the UEFA Nations League

The subject of course is again the football, the continent is Europe and the timeslot is our present. The UEFA Nations League is a football tournament organized by the Union of  European Football Associations, where adult male national football teams from UEFA member countries can participate. We are talking about a very young initiative, the event was sparked on 27 March of 2014. by UEFA, it was launched in September 2018., nowadays there are group events and the finish is expected in June 2019. The tournament was created by UEFA to replace a series of completely meaningless and unnecessary friendly matches for a serious, prestigious event. NL can be captured as the little brother of the European Championship, where each goal, yellow card, away win can be gold medal, indirectly involved in European Championship’s participation. The  UEFA Nations League works based on  divisions or rather classes. There are Class A, B, C and Class D:

  • in A there are the top 12 teams in Europe;
  • in B, the 12 nations behind them;
  • in C, the 25-39. strongest national team of the continent;
  • in D (not hurting anyone) the remaining 16 countries.

Each Classes (divisions) are divided into four groups. In Division A and B there are four groups of three, in C there are one group of three and three groups of four, and in D four groups of four. The group rounds will last from September to November in 2018, each month the teams play two-two matches. Then a European strength order is formed: 12 teams in A give Europe’s top 12 teams, in divisions D 40-55. placed troops. The first four places in Division A will be a playoff game, it will be held in June 2019. The four group winners take part in it: first two semi-finals are played by the teams, followed by a finals and a bronze medal. The winning team gets the first trophy of the League of Nations. The 55 teams are divided into hats according to the strength order and in December of 2018 the 10 European Championships qualifiers will be drawn. The European Championships will take place between March and November 2019. The first and second places will automatically get out of the European Championships. On November 22, 2019, the playoff circuit of the four divisions of the League of Nations will be set up. Twenty teams already qualified for the European Championships are pulled out of the list and create a 16th top list of remaining group winners and top ranked unqualified teams. In March 2020, the Nations League playoff will take place, and four teams will get to European Championships. June and July of 2020 will host the 2020 European Championships in 12 cities, including Budapest. … and if you are in Budapest, do not run to the future in time either, rather come to a hilarious bubble soccer experience, make a reservation NOW!