9 Essentials For Hosting The Best Kid’s Birthday Party Ever!

Every year we are very excited about the child’s birthday. We’re getting ready, we’re thrilled to get the presents and we love to see the glittering happiness in their eyes when the guests arrive and the gifts come in, right?

Think throwing a successful children’s birthday party simply means buying a cake, balloons, and letting the kids roam free? Hardly. That’s just the bare minimum.

If you want to make sure your kid and his/hers friends have a great time instead of staring into their smart phones for two hours, then there are some things that we do not mind to keep in mind. So what’s the 9 essence we need to think about, so that for days the whole city can talk about our party, take it together!

Organization, preparation and preparedness

This is the key to organizing a perfect party. This means that you have to start planning and booking well ahead of the well-known date. But how much before? We think two or three months are a good number, but frankly, it’s never too early to think about what we want to do, where to get it, and so on. … and this applies to all aspects of bulletin design – for the person, the entertainer, the site, the logistics. In addition, the preliminary thinking still allows us to get a day that can be suitable for almost all guests.


It is important to let the child decide which one he wants to invite, whom he loves to play, as he or she will enjoy the most. But do not exceed the agreed number of staff. Prepare to be someone who does not meet the time, resigns, or gets sick, so a reserve can fit into the number of staff. Do not overdo it, we do not want to invite everyone, because it will only be a problem with the implementation. It is good if we are talking about the invitation of the parents of the child we invite. This is especially important for the little ones who can not even read the invitation or because the other parent is more likely to give up on the child. From parents, let’s ask her if her seedlings are not allergic to anything, is there anything to be observed about her. The invitation should include how long the fun is expected to be. This is a tremendous help for us (as we see where the light is at the end of the tunnel) and the other parents are about. they arrive at the same time for the child, so we do not have to entertain and say goodbye at the same time.


Our kindergarden and school-age children have so many friends that it is not uncommon for them to count up to ten invites. That’s why it’s completely possible if we do not want to take the crowd at home. But it also happens that there is something special for the kids that would not be easy at home.
Also, let’s not forget about logistics, so be sure to set up a site that is relatively easy for most parents to arrange or arrange for a joint transfer for complications.


If you want every child to feel good and to have unforgettable experiences, then you definitely have to choose a spinning action, the best way to increase your excitement is to choose an unusual novelty activity.


It is very important that we give the kids ones with an experience that they will talk about for days and weeks.

Eat and drink

The childrens usually start the party in the afternoon, so the kids come after lunch, so when they arrive they rarely demand a snack hungry. However, if someone gets hungry, make some fruit and snacks cut into small bowls. Spread the table forward: use lucky plastic or paper cups, plates, and plastic forks – not only because they do not have to be washed, but also because they can write and draw the child’s name or mark to find it and they are by no means they can break. Drinking can be roasted soft drinks, lemonade, tea – you should buy them from them. Of course, the highlight of the day is the birthday cake, but also prepare for a snack. Prepare meals for snacks (cropped, deliciously baked cakes, biscuits and cookies) so that only serving is the task. Do not forget to ask your parents for any food allergies or intolerances.


Music is one of the basic conditions for a well-functioning teen party. If we’re not well informed about the tin’s musical taste, please ask your child to write a long list of what you want to hear about the birthday party. From now on, it’s our job to pick them up for the party, but it’s worth it, since we’re half a winner when the favorite songs come up … Let’s not slow up any number of songs up to 1 or 2 songs if we put a sluggish melancholic music the party is dead. Do not put the track of Tankcsapda and his companions so much loved by boys, especially when girls are officially on the birthday party! Today’s teenagers party includes the songs of Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, PSY, Fluor Tomi, etc. These music can be danced well.

Minimum Parental Attendance

Dear Parents! We are sorry no one should take it on! But the child has certainly reached that age or at least likes to feel that he or she loves to hang out with friends. Even the other parents are sure to enjoy a couple of free minutes. Let them be the stars of the show, they will enjoy it!

Pictures / Videos

Obviously, we and the child will love to document the party, so these super moments will not remain with us in our memories, but in imaging, not to mention that children love to appear in pictures and to share them in social media, so do not forget about a photographer!

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