Interval training with Bubble Football

Interval training with Bubble Football

Lately the high intensity interval training (HIIT) has become increasingly popular among people who want to lose weight. Several researches prove that it is much more effective to the fat burning than monotonous aerobic exercise. Its success is also due to the fact that people who are lacking in time are far more livable, that this training type can be done much faster: instead of the usual 50-60 minute training, it’s enough for about 20 minutes. For those of you who have not known the interval training, it’s certainly glittering, but unfortunately it’s not that simple thing for something: HIIT is one of the most deadly form of training, one thing is to develop endurance, we need the long, in addition to continuous motion for higher intensity interval training.

Let’s see what it means: HIIT is a form of training where loads and rest times change each other – but rest periods are also an active break, so it does not stop, just switch to lower gear. At least 80% of the maximum heart rate (maximum heart rate = 210 years) during the sprint period, where you have difficulty breathing. During the resting period, oxygen balance is restored, you can “blow yourself” and gain strength for the next sprint.

The advantage of HIIT is not only that we can burn a lot of calories in a short time. Based on research, the HIIT training form increases the body’s resting metabolism speed. Have you ever heard of Excess-Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), that is, post-exercise oxygen consumption? This is so much more that your metabolism spins after 24 hours. That is, when you do not do anything, you burn calories. Of course, you also have additional benefits:

Improves aerobic capacity. Improves the body’s ability to oxygenize the body by enhancing the body’s ability to deliver air to the lungs. Thus, blood is better able to carry oxygen, meaning that the body can withstand greater stress without giving it more serious pressure, so it will have better stamina and increase your performance.

Increased lactate threshold: Muscle pain responds to the increase in lactic acid, which is one of the reasons why the muscle is called a “muscle mass”, which causes many athletes to take rest periods in the active stages. Many of the interim trainers report that less frequent muscle relaxation is due to their increased elevation to lactic acid, ie they tolerate higher lactic acid levels than those who do not exercise this type of motion.

Insulin sensitivity improves, as intercourse training stimulates carbohydrate metabolism, meaning that the body can use carbohydrates faster – glycogenic, glucose – that is, they get the energy needed for faster exercise, muscles absorb sugar more easily, not allowing the carbohydrate stored as fat.

It has anabolic effect – muscle mass increases, so muscle strength is also increased.
Did you know that bubble sports is one of the high-intensity interval training sessions, because you will be forced to embark on the rest of the giant sprint for the fun-filled clashes to climb up? And do you believe that while you are still unconscious, you will be happy and you will laugh all the time? Do you want to lose weight or just want to increase your stamina? Do not hesitate for a minute if you are in Budapest now, sign up now!