How did the fancy dance grow – or where do the cheerleaders come from?

Let’s put our hands on the heart: if someone puts the word “cheerleader” on his mouth, it’s almost certain that a team of girls with miniskirts, minitops and ponytails jumps on the edge of the track are coming to our senses and we are pleasantly immersed in the spirit of our minds for a few minutes. But would this pleasant association persist even if it turned out that only men initially engaged in such kind of exhortation?

It is not every day that an average person questions, how did the institution of the cheerleaders develop, but for a few sentences it is worthwhile to go back to the roots of this tradition – because it is interesting, and because we can provide supporters for our bubble soccer games and we love ” to dig deep” in our services. Let’s look at some points (without completeness), how has this tradition evolved!

The origins of organized tuition go back to the late 18th century America, when after the War of Independence, teachers were extremely hard-tempered and started to rebellion and dangled into different student groups.
The first football match between colleges took place in 1869 between Princeton and Rutgers University; By 1880, Princeton had a complete self-support team – only and exclusively from male members. At this point, we would suggest you a nice browser to try to get rid of the following picture in your mind:

bubble-football-budapest-cheerleader boy

bubble-football-budapest-cheerleader boy

Indeed, the reality was spotted:



Which is undeniably more pleasant in a degree.
Women were only allowed to play for the first time in 1923; By that time, besides chanting, all kinds of acrobatic gestures were added to the boom.
Interestingly, despite the 1923 date mentioned above, there were no bigger women’s support teams until the 1940s – because there were a lot of college-age men fighting for World War II at this time, allowing them to spread the cheerleaders. A red spot for the World War.

In 1961, this activity became official: Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer founded the NCA, the National Cheerleaders Association. Herkie was the one who took over the pompons and built a whole business around this activity.

Afterwards, team-building became more and more widespread and beyond its original purpose, audience enthusiasm became part of its repertoire; and even in large-scale tournaments the teams of fans are playing against each other.

Cheerleaders for a Bubble Football game in Budapest

However, it is also interesting to note that the cheerleaders in our little country have disguised their pretty little foot – so much so that even in bubble soccer racing matches they would like to encourage the teams to get even more pleasure. So if you’re going to Budapest and want to have a Bubble Football game, you know what to do: click here and fill in the “cheerleaders” option, or if you are comfortable, contact us at any of our contacts and go for “dirty work”. Let’s go!
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