Shortly about the previous World Championships: The Hungarian disappointment of 1954

Shortly about the previous World Championships: The Hungarian disappointment of 1954

Although we did not come to the World Cup, however, we are sure that many of us swim to the neck in the WC-fever. We do not even dare to think how excited we would be if our national eleven were in battle, as they did for the 1954 World Cup. And not anyway …

The cold showers: the Western-German victory

The venue is Switzerland. The Year: 1954. The Event: The Fifth Soccer World Cup. The degree of disappointment is enormous. Why? Because our Golden Team was rumored at this time, success was accumulated in success, but the World Cup was still thrown away. The Hungarian team was a real favorite: ’52 we brought the Olympic gold medal, we won the European Cup of ’53, and we were brilliant against the legendary English (let’s just think – they have come for a week – seven “which is just referring to such a Hungarian-English match). We can say: Team members had the little (foot) fingers with all the knowledge that was needed for a confident triumph.

Despite all this, the Western-Germans could beat us in the finals by 3: 2 – we beat them 8 3 (!) In the group stage. There is one hundred words to the end: the 5th World Cup finals were very disappointing for both Hungarian fans and players. (We can see that here we are still light years of involuntary shout of “fucking weak” ?)

Not only we were disappointed

Besides us, Uruguay also had the cause of the sadness: in vain they won the first and fourth world championships, this time they did not keep this “good habit”. In spite of having kept their blindness for 30 years, we managed to outgrow them 4: 2.

Just to finish our happy end with our short article – as the news reports say about the birth of the smallpandas after the Kneeboom serial killers – the title of the championship was a Hungarian player, Sándor Kocsis.

This is the end result of the tournament:

South Korea

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