A legal doping agent for Bubble Football: Music

It’s no coincidence that we’re also warmly recommending the music under bubble-soccer: we’re sure not to say new to it, but music affects both our mood and our sport performance. However, it may be a novelty to mention: Brunel University London‘s sports psychologist, a certain Costas Karageorghis, has been examining the effect of music on the brain for nearly 25 years. Read “how great” how the melodies affect us during sports!

“When we are listening to music, our brains are glittering like a christmas tree,” said the gentleman named Karageorghis, who is said to be excited, to say that music also stimulates our brain areas that can otherwise be quite difficult to achieve. It’s no coincidence that almost everyone in the gym is training with a headset, and that boxers have their own input music and can still be classified. But what are the relationships between sports performance and listening to music? The National Sports has collected five main points:
Optimizing the level of arousal

Music promotes our activation status, that is, our arousal level (vigilance-excitement) is also optimal for racing. When listening to fast-paced music, our pulse rises, we feel more energetic and more responsive; slow music is usually played either by the athletes on the morning of the tournaments or after the games.

Strengthening Concentration

Not surprisingly, but it’s important to listen to music while playing sports, it can help you get rid of any disturbing external stimuli so you can focus on movement and focus on achieving our goals. In addition, music is the so-called ” It can also help you to reach a “flow experience”: that is, we can perfectly concentrate on acting with minimal conscious effort.

Enhance your mood

We all listen to the music of our current mood, and we know what kind of songs we like. In sports, this is not the case – we often like to work on a workout with music to fit the exercises we have before.

Strengthening endurance

If you’ve been in fitness training in weight training, you know for sure that this type of monotonous movement is almost indispensable for music. Several researches support the fact that, while providing a better mood, the pleasant (and known!) Melodies make us more persistent.

Develop team composition

As many American films testify about it, sharing music and singing strengthens team cohesion by creating a sense of belonging to team members.
We can be sporting either competitively or on hobbies, sure we all feel: our favorite songs have a real impact on our performance. If you have a desire to test the positive effects of music while playing bubble football, you can ask for our portable music player for bubble soccer matches here ?

The source of this article is: nemzetisport.hu and 24.hu