To whom do we recommend the bubble soccer?

What a surprise, but not just football fans! So, our dear reader, if you’ve run away so far if somebody just mentioned football, it’s time to redefine your opinion about football and get to know it with a fun and funny side!

Kids and adults alike are a thrilling adventure, but if you’re looking for relaxation for a friendly gathering, you might want to find a great program for a corporate team building training or simply enrich yourself with unforgettable moments you always remember, well in all cases go ahead playing bubble football! We recommend it for birthdays, bachelorette and bachelor parties, friends, big families, small families with family friends, commercial film shoots, if you’ve been overworked and need some active relaxation, when you’re bored, if you want something exciting, if you like spherical forms and if not even then, but it may be a unique spot for a school event or a festival. It’s best to simply have no rules, just “carpe diem” feeling for at least the game time. There are two little things that you do not mind if you pay attention. in case of children the minimum height is 125-130 cm, ie 7-8 years old, and we also mention a weight limit, which is probably not for children, this is 110 kg.

And since we really talk about a very spectacular, entertaining, well-moving, endurance-enhancing, fat-burning sport, there are plenty of athletic customers there too. But believe it, that’s not the point, just enough you want really and ridiculously to laugh, because this experience is guaranteed to you! Book appointment NOW!