From the previous World Championships shortly: the first Football World Cup

From the previous World Championships shortly: the first Football World Cup

There is a global football fever with the events of the World Cup; we thought this is a worthwhile time to gather you briefly about the history of the World Championships so far. Because knowledge is sexy! ?

In the first part of our series, we look at the events of the first World Championship in a few queues. Uruguay hosted the first ever worldwide encounter in 1930, one reason why it was simply that their national team was at the time the best in the world. (Another protocal reason is that they have assumed all the costs, which is not a bad argument.)

Hungary and the first World Cup

What may be surprising to us is that Hungary has applied for the first right to organize the WCF – although it may cause a smile, but that smiles will immediately bend as soon as the next fact comes: finally not that we were not the organizers, we did not even reach for the championship. True, we have become accustomed to this feeling since then, but this failure was not at all at that time, since Ferencváros just beat this Uruguayan champion group in the year preceding the World Cup and Újpest won the predecessor BL for the week before the championship counting Champions’ Corner. After that, the question may be right, why did not we get to the World Cup? Well, on the one hand, the lack of our financial resources and the lack of understanding between the clubs and the MLSZ (Hungarian Soccer Federation). Sad.

The reason for the “weeping of a neighbor’s cow” Ars poetica is that a bit of wailing grin can fall on our face, because neither Italy, Austria, nor England, nor Scotland, nor Czechoslovakia came out of the first championship. Nevertheless, the Sun cames up on those day in June of 1930 too, and there were very exciting clashes.

The first

Let’s name the “first” at this remarkable event:
The first world championship goal was kicked by Lucien Laurent (France).
The first world championship hat-trick was completed by Bert Patenaude (America).
The first goalkeeper was Guillermo Stábile (Argentina) who scored 8 goals.
Winning Order

Since the purpose of our article series is to summarize the events of recent World Cups, we do not even propagate the word: let’s see what the order of the participants was!
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