The French team lost 0:9 said one of the basic truths of football and the life

The French first-class football champion, Paris Saint-Germain, defeated Guingamp on 9–0, did you hear about it? So what can we say? I mean on the losing side?

Following the destructive defeat, the losing team responds on Twitter: “It’s better to beat 9–0 once than to get 1 to 0 nine times.”   If you would like to follow the footsteps of Paris Saint-Germain or Guingamp, it’s time to test your talents and try the bloc’s in Budapest. There’s nothing else to do to compile your team and visit our website with your friends. After booking, we will do everything we can to make you feel good!

And then stay with the basic truths:

“What you can do today, do not do tomorrow!”

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