Soccer rethinking: bubble-football, the safest extreme sport in Budapest

Soccer rethinking: bubble-football, the safest extreme sport in Budapest

The term “extreme sports” and “football” are rarely used in one sentence, and even less commonly associated with this strange pair is the “safe” sign. In our country, for the fifth time, we can confidently say that if we are to give a blow to play bubble football (or rather our entire body), we can try a truly enjoyable extreme sport while our hair does not bend (we do not have any illusions about the wholesomeness). Let’s see what the bubble football is exactly like, and how to make its foot more and more stronger at home!

About the bubble football in a nutshell

The idea of the bubble football was unveiled some years ago by a very creative Norwegian young man, and he did not even think about it, but his ideas were so successful that the sport was spreading rapidly throughout Europe. In our country, five years ago we – the Futballon Ltd. – were proclaimed. At that time, we did not know the word “bubble-football” in Hungarian, but we broke in to the domestic market with this extreme but safety sport with playing the words “football” and “ballon”.

How do you imagine this, first-ever, odd-sounding activity? In its name, it is no coincidence that the “soccer” suffix is based on principles similar to football, that is, two teams are chasing a soccer ball with the goal to bring it to their opponent’s goal – but there are a few differences that are finely worded or negligible. Bubble football is played with a special, lightweight, yet light bubble helmet that players have to wear on their own when playing football. This bubble saves players from the knee to the head from collisions of any kind in the event of a collision, which gives a completely new meaning to the football: the goal is unchanged (the ball has to be put into the opponent’s goal with thoughtful, tactical teamwork), but the toolbox is virtually infinitely expanded with unpunished by collisions, strokes, jumps. As a result, a very spectacular, entertaining sport can be made safe by the bubbles, and players, alongside the muscle groups used for football, will also be able to move their diaphragms safely with amusing collisions.

…but what is the bubble-football good for and what age is it recommended?

Football played in bubbles is age and gender independent: both men and women enjoy the unobstructed movement, and children of 7-8 years of age are excited by the enormous protective ropes of their birthdays as adult workers participating in a company team building. Though the girls and toddler teams are among those most in need of a bubble service, you can meet more and more of this game on village days, school events and festivals as we take delivery of the entire country (moreover we have already taken our feet – with our bubbles – beyond the borders).

Extras also have extra

If you think that football with extras can not be extruded, you would be wrong: because our unique UV Bubble Football Tournament has just been built in Budapest, an important feature of it – in addition to the phosphorescent football player in the dark, in UV light, and also by phosphorescent players – that it is a true Hungarian invention, our own. The world of fantasy in science fiction can be tried out in a unique way in the small world of football in the world. We are waiting for you with love!