From the recent World Cups: the Third Soccer World Cup – Hungarians on the podium and another Italian success

From the recent World Cups: the Third Soccer World Cup – Hungarians on the podium and another Italian success

In the last few weeks we have been disappointed to be nostalgic: with the events of the Russian World Cup, we recall the events of previous World Cups. Let’s see what happened to the third championship in 1938!

In the first world championships, Uruguay could take home the winning trophy – in other words, they did not have to carry too many kilometers because they were the hosts – and the second was the Italians with the joy of winning. Given that this was the second time Italy had the right to organize, we could rightly think that this tendency was typical for this time that the country of the tournament would be the winner, but the third championship immediately laughs at this idea: the possibility of spoiling we are alive to mention that the 1938 France World Cup was also the “Whops”.

Austrian, German and Czechoslovakian “fall”

Following Ádám Kiss, both the Austrian, German and Czechoslovak teams had to experience the real pitfalls, that is, the fuckup, while the former national team did not participate in the championship because of the historical background, but the Germans were in the lead they have already fallen for the first time in Switzerland for the first time. Maybe the Czechoslovakia was even more severely affected by a silver medal in 1934, and now they could go home after the quarterfinals.

The Brazilians were already aware

The Brazil-Poland match had a lot of excitement for contemporary viewers: this was the first time in the history of World Cups that someone (Ernest Wilimowski, nicknamed “Ezi”) scored no less than four goals in the opponent’s goal. However, the unmatched performance was not enough for the Brazilians who lost the enthusiastic Polishs with a 6: 5 draw.

The final: Hungarians (!) Vs. Italians

Believe it or not, the Hungarian football game was at the forefront of the world at the time, so it was no surprise that we were reluctant to go to the final. At this point, however, unfortunately the Italians have stopped us, who have defended their former world championship title.

The order

Here is the result of the championship:

Dutch Indies
If you prefer a visual type, you can also see a video summary of World Cup 3:

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