bubble football budapest - the first wold cup after the world war

About the World Championships so far shortly: the First World Cup after the World War II, the fourth clash

The Second World War, in addition to the day-to-day neglect of life, went badly into sports life: after the third World Cup in 1938 in France, the fourth clash took place only twelve years later. This also means that there are 2 world championships were missed. In our VC overview series, let’s take a look at the events of the 1950!

The participants

The host Brazil waited for the fourth tournament with 16 teams, but, as a result of the historical and economic background, only 13 came to the organizing country. The Scots, Turks, and Indians, qualified and later receded, and the French and Portuguese teams later invited did not accept the invitation. Looking at our point of view, it is sadder that Hungary is out of this world championship – to excuse our federal captain’s focus on the Olympics, the European Cup and the next World Cup.

The “truncated” delivery system and the finals

The organizing Brazilians have decided to follow up the first Uruguayan example to form four groups – it was merely a peculiarity of beauty that, because of the aforementioned backlinks, groups eventually fired (literally and transmitted) in which three or more only two of them featured. This stage was followed by a four-round finals of the group winners (Brazil, Spain, Sweden and Uruguay), with Brazil and Uruguay finishing in the finals. The winner was the latter team – poor Brazilians could not “spell something beautiful” on their day of decision at home.

The final result was as follows:

United States
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