Shortly about the previous World Championships: the second Football World Cup, the Italian flush

Shortly about the previous World Championships: the second Football World Cup, the Italian flush

As the latest soccer world championship is currently taking place, we’ve been collecting the history of the World Championships for you in a nutshell. In our previous article, we wrote about the first tournament, the Uruguayan success; Let’s take a look at the events of the second year of 1934, where the Italians won the victory over the other nations’s football.

Those of whom – like us – have been reminded of Italians the pizza and the spaghetti, as well as the “babara buppi, babara buppi, bibara babara babada” lines, here is a new info: they were the first nation to win the world championships, they had to qualify for a qualifier. This is not just the first, but the only such event in the history of the World Cup (fortunately – maybe we can get out of here once we get the right to organize, haha ?)

We could say that the Italians had to fight in the league, but we would lie because they beat the Greeks 4:0, so the whole country was burning even bigger. This impetus was retained by the hosts and won the 7:1 victory over the American national team. After that, the Spaniards did not go all the way easily as they did, but eventually they were able to surpass them.

… on the Hungarian front

The Hungarians, unlike the first World Cup, participated in the World Cup in 1934, and even the first obstacle managed to jump, but in the quarterfinals Austria unfortunately sent us home. Otherwise, the battle was quite “bloody”, so that only 9 Hungarian players remained on the pitch at the end of the game (which was sure to have contributed to the outcome). In any case, there is no reason to be ashamed, at least we got out!

The final

The final of the second soccer world championship was fought by the Italian and Czechoslovakian team. The clash, followed by Mussolini himself in the ranks of the audience, was controlled by the Czechoslovakians at the beginning and their first goal, but eventually managed to turn the Italians into the game and gained the title of the World Championship during the overtime.

Here’s the full score!

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