Such would be the class trip if the students were organizing!

Such would be the class trip if the students were organizing!  We do not deny that there is no easy task for any class teacher when it is time for organizing class trips. There is a lot of consideration to be given to the “big trip” for everyone, and to spend a day on the excursion with the help of a student not to pull his or her mouth. Let’s see how today’s teenagers are in a relationship with reality!

A common journey can become an eternal experience – What do you need?

For students, it is a prerequisite for a truly enjoyable getaway that it lasts for at least two days, but that the time spent learning is always zero. If this is the case, you only need to spend the few days with programs that do not start the class as if they were doing nothing – otherwise what would you post on Facebook? And here we arrived at the central problem: it is almost impossible to find a program (and of course, food) that is good for everyone…   This is really a difficult task, but if you have a partnership between the class and the classmate, and they can work together properly, it is far from imaginable to make an enjoyable trip.

With a compromise solution, the souls of teachers can relax and take their students home without conscience. And after a well-cultivated evening, students can also start happily, satisfied, hopefully as a closer, more cohesive community, enriched with experiences. So it is clear that organizing an impeccable class excursion is not an easy, but a feasible task. In theory. At least we have one tip:
Try the experience ogf bubble football!  What is that bubble soccer in fact?

Players can move freely inside a large transparent balloon, enjoying full protection, colliding with each other or with the ground. Our 100% experience is complete with 3 games:

bubble sumo with jerk
cuckoo game with “chair” reservation
classic bubble soccer is guaranteed.

We recommend our bubble-playing games from first-class age, as we also have small sizes. Thanks to our different size tools, we can serve any age group from the smallest children to the graduates. On the market, we have the lightest equipment available, which greatly influences the game experience!

Bubble Games:

During the program, the following types of games can be tested by the participants according to the majority’s demand:

Bubble Sumo
 – In a 10 × 15 area, 2 teams of 5 need to push each other out of the field.

Bubble Cuckoo – 10 players are walking around 6 buoys, then they have to be reserved. The rule and the end result are similar to those of a board game.

Bubble Soccer – 2 teams of 5 people play “without rules” against each other. Benefits of our Bubble Soccer Program

  • There is no damage to collisions in the event of a full thrust
  • A game lasts 3-5 minutes, after which the teams and players change each other, so the low-skilled can enjoy the races
  • The strongest student in the class can also be beaten by the weakest. This allows players to experience smaller, self-confidence wonders.
  • The only game that can be played with impunity is the rule that there is no rule.

We have several permanent trails in Budapest, but if the capital is not the target of the class excursion, then there is nothing wrong, as we are happy to settle in any part of the country, and in the framework of our school-promotion we are surprised by the institutions that choose us!

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