Have you heard about Bubble Waffle?

The new craze: special bubble waffle

Bubble football, bubble waffle, bubble love… ❤

Recently was opened a new waffle shop in the middle of the busy downtown, so we quickly tried to encourage the bubble word that is just as a kind of vocal harmony and inviting.

Waffle & Love in the Ráday street is one of the new stars of the district and the main element of the portfolio is the bubble waffle, whose essence is reflected not only in its form, but also in a tasteful experience.

The in Hungary not-so-familiar, extra-wide bubble waffle not only looks attractive, but it is difficult to stop with the optional dozens of supplements so that we do not put ourselves in an instant candy bowl.

Starting from the base, all of our ingredients can be picked up, but coffee, hot chocolate, lemonades and shakes can also be found. A real specialty is salty, cheesecake, serranos or salmon waffles. We stayed at the sweet taste and asked for our bubble waffle noodles this time with peanut butter, with a little sliced banana, hazelnuts and some caramel dressings for safety.

The sight is just scary, do not you? But imagine it, the taste is even more rough! But in this place you’re making a straightforward count on calories…

However, if you really want to criminate without a guilty conscience, we will offer you a super-combo bubble pack, move your fast-paced calories in a good bubble football! 😉

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