In 2021 Hungary organized the U21 Football- European Championship 

In 2021 Hungary organized the U21 Football-European Championship

From 2019 the MLSZ starts to be strong enough, in 2019 the women’s Champions League finals will be held in Budapest. In 2020, two Eb games will be available for the new Ferenc Puskás Stadium, which will be completed by then, in Budapest. In 2021, together with Slovenia, Hungary could organize the U21 European Championship. It also made it possible for the Slovene and Hungarian U21s to be on the tournament, so UEFA also supported the future of Hungarian football, with the decision that Hungarian talent could match the best of the continent on the Hungarian track. The 2021 European Championship opening match in Ljubljana, the tournament finals will be held in Hungary. Group Championships in the European Championships take place in three teams, Group Winners and Best Runners in the semifinals of the tournament. Players in the series European Championship will be able to play after 1 January 1998. The locations are Székesfehérvár, Szombathely, Budapest and Celje, Ljubljana and Maribor. Hungary has hit the U21 European Championship four times, last in 1996.