The significance of school sports in the life of children

“It was ringing at the schools”, September came again, which means that cities are filled with excited, enthusiastic (and less excited and less enthusiastic) students seeking school. As we go to an increasing number of educational establishments to keep bubble football games every year, we are committed to the importance of school sports as a dedicated adherents to sports.

As is well known, the lack of movement is, unfortunately, a fairly widespread “disease” and many people are struggling with overweight – including more and more children. According to some surveys, nearly one third of teenagers in Europe are overweight or obese – which is also dangerous because these children are more likely to develop hypertension, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. That is why, as early as possible, children should be encouraged to take a healthy lifestyle, in which school sports play a major role.

“Careful school years …”

School years are far more in a student’s life than learning to have exactly one battle or how the sine function looks like:
then the personality of the children develops,
then their value order is formed,
then they shape their lifestyle,
then their knowledge is based on them.
In other words, this is the time when we must seize the opportunity to love sports with as many students as possible, and young people who love and who want a healthy lifestyle come out of the school.

Effects of physical education lessons on health

The task of the educational institutions also includes taking into account the age-specific features of the basic skills, the movement and the play culture to increase physical education and therefore a healthy lifestyle with the students.
Regular PE lessons have several, almost tangible, positive effects.

Research shows, for example, that students are much more active on the days when they have a physical education, so physical education in the school increases the likelihood of active leisure activities. In addition to the positive effects on the body, it is worth mentioning that sport improves mental well-being, reduces anxiety and increases mood, which also has a positive impact on the mental health of schoolchildren.

As for the long-term effects, physical education not only contributes to the daily physical activity, but also to the more active lifestyle and the maintenance of the adult. However, in addition to fulfilling the subject requirements, the positive experiences associated with movement also play a major role in the healthy physical and psychological development of students.

Here we come into the picture

For many years we have been involved in organizing bubble games in various educational establishments. We have been to many schools in Budapest, but we have “left our footprint” in a number of rural educational institutions – and we are proud to say that we enjoyed success everywhere, and the students were happy to be part of a bubble game that was not a day-to-day movement. It is a special pleasure (especially for parents and teachers) that besides being a very active and enjoyable, exciting form of motion, it is also completely safe.

If you are studying or working in an educational institution and want to organize a program that will surely make students feel free to move, contact us! Our colleagues are at your disposal.