Budapest with a foreigner’s eyes

The Budapest people are nice, courteous, open, and officials often pack up with people.

Foreign students, businessmen and their family members in Hungary were interviewed by a polling company about what Budapest and the people here are living. The result: the foreigners usually spoke with enthusiasm about the Hungarian capital, and firmly stated that Budapest was a very safe city for traffic on the streets. Rather, people’s homes and cars are in danger, not physical integrity. In the eyes of foreigners, public transport is also good, but it has been found that the flights are rare. For this reason, you can only travel crowded and do not sell tickets on the vehicles, the machines are always bad. Overall, there is nothing wrong with foreigners with the Hungarian capital. They find that Budapest’s location within Europe is advantageous, and other European cities can be reached easily and quickly. Budapest is not too big, yet transparent and viable city. They think there are many green areas here, and the terrain features are advantageous. The city is not too noisy at all, it’s even clear, it’s just the dog’s ruin that is surprisingly great. Romantic buildings, plagued plastering do not alarm foreigners. The public lighting is adequate, the decorative lighting is considered to be magnificent. They love the cultural and nightlife of Budapest, they miss the fact that there are no foreign-language information, inscriptions and events that are difficult to find out about the events. Foreigners appreciate the simple, unique-style cafes, restaurants and nightclubs, which are characterized by negligent shortcomings, but that is why people are becoming more direct here. The favorite is the  a Divino, Kadarka, Dobló, Budapest Park, Raktár Beach, Dürer Kert, Akvárium Klub, A38, Raktár Bár, Badgirls, Fröccsterasz, Anker’t, Istant, Ötkert, Tesla. The bathers are also fond of foreigners, but sports clubs are missing. About us, Hungarians are said to be kind, kind, helpful people. Only then will the Hungarians become unbearable if they meet them in the service sector or in the public administration. At that time, we forget to smile, we are phlegm, mummies and tutors. Foreigners are also dissatisfied with the work of public authorities. When applying for a residence or work permit, new claims are made year by year, which sometimes frustrate the reasonableness and many feel they are directly packed with them. Foreigners also claim that corruption in police work is clearly evident. Prices are viable, the parties are super, the possibilities are endless. The archery tag is clearly recommended, whether in Budapest or with friends or family, how much do you know what it is? Well, this is another crazy extreme sport, absolutely safe, without any risk of injury, as the arrows of the arrows used in combat are dimmed with foam. The Archery Tag is a kind of combination of paintball and the movie “The Hunger Games”: have to be hunted in troops, two spaced, covered terrains. Are we interested in your interest? Book now for your stay in Budapest!