Birthday celebration game ideas for kids

Birthday celebration game ideas for kids

When a child’s birthday celebration is approaching, there is usually only one thing more for the expectation of the children: the excitement of the parents to make things work well. We’ve gathered some game ideas to make sure you have a memorable birthday party! Game-tips for 3-6 year olds:   As soon as our child reaches the age of 3, it is worth targeting but playfully developing his / her skill and concentration. In addition to drawing and coloring, he / she can also incorporate skill games into his / her everyday life and play games to help him / her learn the rules.

Depending on whether we can plan our birthday parties indoors and / or outdoors, you can think of a variety of game alternatives.  

  • Indoor Games:
    • Sculpture – dancing to music and then the music stops suddenly and cannot be moved, sculpting. The “jury” has to determine who is the best.
    • Homemade puppet theater – even involving children as a puppet player.
    • “The walnut” game – every child except two children is a circle. The eyes of one of the selected players are tied and together with the other selected are inside the circle. While the roundabouts are singing the “walnut” song for this, the second player clapping away (staying in the circle) while the other is trying to capture him. When he captures, we choose two new players.
    • “What do I think?” – the essence of the game is that another person known by the children should be recognized on the basis of his good qualities. The more ceters you need to write the names of the friends / kindergarten students who are well-known to all present. One member of the team guesses, the other member characterizes a person they pull out.
  • Outdoor Games:
    • Treasure hunt – with simple tasks, easy maps, even drawn by ourselves. Get some smart, tiny treasures in advance.
    • Catching – with blindfolded eyes, taking care of the physical integrity of children. We can combine it by recognizing the gripped child by touching the gripper.
    • Playground games – swing, sandbox, or hopping castle.

Game-tips for 7-12 year olds:

Children from the age of 7 are getting more and more clever use of objects and hands, and their skills are improving. In the games, at this age, not all of them do the same, they can shape different roles, explain the rules to each other.

As with the 3-6 year olds, there are also many alternatives to indoor and outdoor games.

  • Indoor Games:
    • Activity – you do not have to buy the board game, you can figure out your own puzzles.
    • Homemade disco – whether we can combine it with karaoke or even make a race.
    • Chocolate competition, pancake tournament – make sure you set the maximum number of pieces, avoid getting a child wrong. For example: “Who can eat 3 pancakes fastest?”
    • Bubble Football – this is the world’s safest extreme sport for children. The ball is kicked by the little ones in huge balloons, where the goal is to collide with each other, which is painless due to the balloons, but more importantly, it’s very fun. If the team wants to be indoors, then the parents can choose from several of our Budapest courses, but we are also happy to settle for the chosen venue.
    • Archery Tag – this is also safe, because the ends of the arrows are dampened with foam. You can also come to our indoor courts, but we can also install our equipment on request.  
  • Outdoor Games:
    • Number war – even in the yard, if there is enough room to hide, even in a playground, on the edge of a nearby forest.
    • Treasure hunt – this age group has children with more difficult tasks and teams.
    • Dropout game.
    • Bubble Soccer – we have outdoor courses and can be ordered to the outside location as well.
    • Archery Tag – we can also provide it for outdoor use.

We hope that we can give you some ideas for keeping a perfect kid party. If you have decided to keep the birthday cradle with bubble soccer or archery tag for your child, please let us know and we will arrange the right venue for you at the desired time, provide space for snacking and even create a customized invitation if needed.

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