With an overwhelming majority Budapest was chosen as Europe’s best destination.

Budapest became the first place in this year’s European Best Destinations (EBD) vote, the event lasted from January 15, 2019 to February 5, making the Hungarian capital the best destination of Europe. Budapest received 62,128 votes, with many Western European votes knowing this number. Previously, none of the award-winning European destinations received such international support, ie they could vote outside their own country. The announcement of the award shows that 77 percent of the voters in Budapest come from a country outside of Hungary, mainly from the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, France, Austria and Italy.   Budapest made its debut in 2018, then immediately ranked 8th, ahead of Lisbon, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Barcelona and London; last year Wroclaw became the first. Now the Hungarian capital alone has gained more votes than Paris, Athens, London, Florence and Geneva.

Best European Destinations (2019)

   Budapest, Hungary
Braga, Portugal
Monte Isola, Italy
Metz, France
Poznan, Poland
Malaga, Spain
Geneva, Switzerland
Cavtat, Croatia
Bratislava, Slovakia
Sainte-Maxime, France
Dinant, Belgium
Athens, Greece
Kotor, Montenegro
Riga, Latvia
Florence, Italy

The Budapest Festival and Tourism Center managing the campaign – as the tourism organization of the Hungarian capital – has been working closely with its partners for a long time to get to know more and more people of Budapest’s unique beauty and sparkling cultural life, and to visit as many people as possible.

The enduring work is clearly visible: the number of visitors to the Hungarian capital is increasing year by year, and even more joy, guests spend more time with us.   European Best Destinations – the aim of which is to promote European tourism and culture – has been a trip to world travelers for 10 years, working closely with the main destinations and tourist offices of the continent, and with the EDEN network set up by the European Commission and helping tens of millions of tourists to choose the most appropriate destination. . In the present vote nearly half a million votes from 153 countries arrived, and the best destination award became to the fabulous Budapest for 1 year.

Don’t miss out on this beautiful city from your sightseeing listings, and if you visit us and look at the impressive sights of the city, be sure to include a fun-filled bubble football activity that you can book here! We look forward to welcoming you!