The bachelor party is definitely an event in the life of every groom that always want to remember, but of course always includes the amount of alcohol you consume…

Did you know that the first bachelors were held by the Spartan soldiers before their wedding? Since then, of course, this tradition has spread all over the world, although its form has changed a lot over the past centuries and appears differently by country. While long ago they insisted on the bachelor party to protect the marriage from the demons, it is now a tradition that every man preparing to get married has to follow, as it is also an integral part of pre-wedding preparation. It is believed that the groom can then party for the last time with his friends, without any bounds. Of course we know that this is only in theory, but there is no problem if the guys are kicking out of the harness tonight and feel good. All right, girls?

Nowadays, you can organize a bachelor party in countless ways, but one thing is sure: no matter what the evening is, the point is to be memorable, and we will give you a perfect tip for this.

Set up a perfect team and go ahead for an unforgettable blast! Why do you choose the bubble soccer? The essence of a bachelor party is to bring your team together and celebrate your friend’s last days before the marriage. There are no more such days, so you have to choose well! Nowadays, it is becoming less fashionable to choose extreme or overly spicy entertainment, because nobody wants to make a friend in an uncomfortable situation. It needs a program that everyone can enjoy and participate in without any special preparation. Well, the bubble football is like that!

In the program, the power of novelty, the opportunity to have fun and an unforgettable experience are all found, there is no need for any foreground, but laughter is guaranteed.

Last but not least, we are talking about safe extreme sports, you can’t get hurt, there’s no risk. The game can be played by all ages, not tied to anything, so you can invite anyone to the team. Of course, the rules of common sense also apply here, and we do not allow drunken guests to enter the field for their own physical integrity.

Find the celebrated unique challenges for the bubble football. Be it his day, but don’t get it easy for his reward.

Considering that the bubble soccer gives enough programs for a good part of the afternoon, the value for money is endlessly favorable. Called as a team, the costs are further divided. You have nothing to do with the game, the course, the bubbles, the ball and the referee we do! If we add it all, it’s worth it.

Come on, cut it into making of the bachelor program today, book your dates now!