We are helping you get the most out of your Budapest excursion in 2.5 or 5 days

It is difficult to find a lot of programs and sights to see where you should start to explore Budapest. Whether you stay for a few days or longer, we will help you get home with truly unforgettable experiences: we’ve created programs that touch on the most famous sights and lesser known places, historic stations, and the latest attractions that show the capital’s modern face. Follow the described routes to get to know the best of Budapest. We hope that you will feel fantastic and will return sooner or later to make-up which is now missing.  

If you have 2 days in Budapest

Start your first day by walking through the Chain Bridge: it will be easy to get once and for all where Pest is and where Buda is, and from there you have a nice view of the wharf, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. From the Chain Bridge you can also see the other important metropolitan bridges, the Parliament, the Gellért Hill and the Buda Castle. The Gresham Palace is located at the foot of the bridge in Pest, but now you can go over to Buda, at the Buda side of the bridge go up to Sikló and head up to the Castle District where you can see the Castle, walk down the cobbled streets and even see ancient castle ruins. If you are already here, you should not miss the National Gallery, where you can see interesting period exhibitions besides Hungarian works of art and the Budapest Historical Museum. A good alternative is the Rock Hospital Museum in the underground cave system, where a real hospital was operating during the Second World War.

Relax a little bit with one or two slices of cake at the Ruszwurm Café, which has been in operation since 1872, in a citadel of the world-famous Hungarian confectionery. Take a walk further down the Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion, because you will not be able to see such a wonderful panorama from here.

In the afternoon of the first day, be sure to include a must-have and always excellent bubble football experience that you can plan in advance, but you can even book it on an ad hoc basis! We will arrange for you to transfer, and ice-cold cider and beer will be waiting for you if you wish!

On the second day, look around the in the district 6., and in no way miss the Basilica, especially the view from the dome balcony. From here you can walk along the Andrássy Avenue (also part of the World Heritage) to the Heroes’ Square, on one side of which is the Museum of Fine Arts and the other one the Art Gallery. If you missed the first day, jump into the Széchenyi Bath after a walk in a city park. In winter there is the City Park Ice rink, and Vajdahunyad Castle awaits visitors all year round.

In the afternoon take the metro line M1 from the City Park to Vörösmarty Square; this is where Váci Street starts, where you can really enjoy your shopping passion. Of course the daily dessert can not be missed: choose the Gerbeaud House, IceBuffet or Szamos Gourmet House. During dinnertime take a walk to October 6th Street and look at the illuminated Basilica and then taste some really Hungarian in the Kispiac Bistro or in the Michelin-starred Borkonyha. If you want to do something else, you can pay for a Danube cruise with dinner and admire the city’s night-time lighting. Believe me, it will be an unconscious experience!

If you have 3 days in Budapest

In the first two days, follow the previous plan, and start the third day in the Market Hall with some hearty Hungarian delicacy, such as the scone. Then you will feel that you have to move down the calories, say, crossing the Freedom Bridge, climb the Gellért Hill up to the Citadel. In the afternoon, look around the Jewish Quarter, where there are plenty of modern features besides the historical monuments – the Zsinagóga on the Dohány street, which is Europe’s largest Jewish temple, is a must-see program. If you are already in this area, have dinner in Macesz Huszár or Spinoza, then watch a folk dance show at the House of Traditions if you are interested in Hungarian traditions. In the summer months, be sure to skip a drink at one of Budapest’s rooftop bars, including the 360 Bar or the Gozsdu Sky Terrace. 

If you have 5 days

The program for the first three days is the same as above, and then, on the fourth day, you will have to see the Parliament, here there is a tour with guide, it is organized several times a day in Hungarian and in some foreign languages with about 1 hour duration. After walking through the building, take a walk on the recently renovated Margaret Bridge, where you have a wonderful view of the city and then head towards Margaret Island. If you want to go around the island, take a walk of about 5 kilometers, but if the weather is good, you will find other programs here: a petting zoo, a musical fountain and a Japanese garden, and huge green spaces are perfect for picnics. From the island, take tram number 2 along the Danube; the line passes by the Whale and the Palace of Arts. The Danube town is full of restaurants so you will not stay hungry here. Be sure to watch a performance during the September-June opera season at the Opera House, in the Erkel Theater or in the MüPA.

If you liked the bubble soccer, you have to try an UV bubble soccer on the day 4! A fantasy world of science fiction has been added to a fun bubble football experience, so you can find yourself in a new world in seconds. The site is unique and specially-designed only one in Hungary and even in the world, where the cage track illuminated by only UV-light highlights all information from the full darkness what needed for the players – but nothing more. Of course, besides the visual experience the spectacular collisions are the main role, which works a diaphragm muscle group the most.

On the fifth day, your first trip goes to the Zoo, then, if your wallet lets you go to the nearby Gundel Restaurant for some fine snacks and a little time trip. In the afternoon, take a break at one of the attractions or programs listed above, or take a trip to a BKK boat and sit back on the waterfront at Kopaszi-gát or Római-part. The Kopaszi-gát is more elegant, landscaped and plenty of excellent restaurants, while the Római-part is a more modest category with its fishnets and barren bars, but both represent the unique side of the city as it is still a lesser known place for tourists. After dinner, get yourself into the night, look at a concert at the Aquarium Club of Elisabeth Square.

If you have more days in Budapest

If you can spend more than 5 days in the capital, you come in any season, be sure to take a trip to János Hill: picnic and walking in the summer and in winter the sledges take possession of the terrain. A trip back and forth to and from the city is a special experience, you can try the Cogwheel or the Children’s Railway upwards, and you can go back with the Libegő with picturesque views. For exploring the city on foot, we recommend the Palotanegyed in the district 8. or perhaps Pozsonyi and Hollán Ernő Street in the district of 13. or the Bartók Béla road – all three are full of cafes, small galleries and specialty shops that have a very special atmosphere. If you do not want to go out alone, take part in one of Budapest’s hiking or alternative tours.

And, of course, try our other guaranteed super experience program, either the archery tag or the beerboat! Book now and have an unforgettable experience the trip in Budapest for you!