Bubble Football Know-How

A complete “know-how” package of a Central European bubble soccer service company is for sale!

 The company has been operating very successfully for 7 years, built with a serious entrepreneurial mindset. We recommend this „know-how” to people:

  • who want to build their own start-up on a solid footing in this segment,
  • who already work in this segment but are not profitable yet,
  • who already work in this segment but are not satisfied with the right one, but want to be the best in their own field,
  • who are curious and open to the possibility that this model can be applied to other similar services, because today it is important that our business should not depend on only one enterprise.


As an experienced entrepreneur, we know that if we want to achieve great success in a field unknown to us, we need to find the person who is one of the most successful in that field so that we can use their knowledge. We are now making available the serious knowledge we have acquired in our own field at a rewarding price, the multiple of which we have paid out as tuition, in order to be the holders of that knowledge. With so many years and struggles behind us, we already know that we would have put our two hands together if we had a material like this available to us at the time we started, which you can buy now.

However, we can only provide one of the two keys to success: the other is already in your hands, which will be driven by your desire, perseverance, attitude, so our guidelines are worth nothing if these are not associated with your positive and humble attitude.


Wondering what you are going to get if you are purchasing this package? 




EUR 7,500

  • Sales: customer segments, customer acquisition model, customer management strategies, sales metrics.
  • Marketing: basic strategy and tactics, target groups, target group behavior, successful campaigns, marketing metrics.
  • Provision of services = “production”: backstage and rivalry steps that accompany the impeccable provision of services.
  • Customer Service: Customer Service Model – Ways to Maximize Customer Satisfaction.
  • „Legendary experience”: the seemingly small practices and attitudes that define your commitment to your business to your customers.
  • HR: methodology for selecting the best employees, job advertisements, structured job interviews, accountability diagrams, job descriptions, organizational structure.
  • Tools: listing the right parts, equipment, accessories to create an efficient and lovable work environment.
  • Finance / metrics: key business metrics, sales and marketing metrics, production metrics, financial metrics, cost structure.
  • Sources of revenue: you wouldn’t even think how much revenue you can have in addition to the smooth sale of your bubble soccer service – we will show that too.
  • Documents / materials: sales referrals, newsletters, referral templates, forms, draft contracts, terms of use, general terms and conditions, e-mail templates / automated messages and much more.

Of course you will get everything translated into your native language. 



EUR 19,500:

  • Online consultation: as in this package we are preparing a complete business for you – personalized, so – itt nincs ez a mondat tovább? ☺ 
  • Production of equipment: only a fraction of the many manufacturers available can produce the quality that you will be able to run your business profitably, so it is very risky to try to find the right one – it is easy to fail at this point. We “consumed” many manufacturers persistently by the time we found the ones that represent perfect quality. From this manufacturer, we guarantee you the production of a complete set of bubble soccer – printed with the logo of your company.
  • Competitor analysis: if there is already a competing company in your region, we will include their screening / analysis in your strategy.
  • Creating your individual business strategy: we assess your local opportunities, based on which we define your target groups and communication strategy.
  • We provide all images and videos we make for business use.
  • Creation and search engine optimization of individually developed website(s).
  • Complete corporate identity design: logo, molino, beach flag, business card, email templates, webdesign.
  • Personality test: we will prepare your business personality analysis, based on which we can determine what is the most optimum role for you in your business.
  • Create community profiles: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter.
  • Create and optimize your Google MyBusiness and Search Console account.
  • Google Ads account setup: experienced campaign strategies, best-converting ad texts.
  • nd of course everything that was mentioned above in the description of the first package.

For the latter package, keep in mind that your entire business will be built by a team of professionals who have been specializing in bubble soccer for 7 years as their main activity.


Construction of a cage football field: the most popular bubbleball game takes place on a closed cage court, where the players play with each other in a fighting atmosphere. The design, shape, and construction of this track is a proprietary patent that can be easily assembled from its prefabricated mobile components. So, if you are thinking about your own career at the beginning, you will not find more suitable value for money. Option 1: We ship the track elements to any part of the world with an assembly guide. Option 2: We go out to you ourselves and build the track. Surcharges for this service / construction vary by location.

UV / Neon-Bubble Football Patent: a highly successful enhanced version of our unique cage track, where we enchanted a visual world that fits into sci-fi movies with UV lamps, hidden lighting, and unique bubble football equipment. Selling this track is the same as the standard construction options above.

Archery Tag: other activity that is most easily linked to bubble football, which we can incorporate into your portfolio with a bubble football-like professionalism. Low cost of ownership-high profit if you are already connected to a well-set up system for bubble soccer.


  • Whichever package you choose – 50% of its fee must be paid in advance and 50% within 8 calendar days of the arrival of the entire material.
  • A contract written by a lawyer will safeguard the interests of both parties.
  • When choosing the 1st package we can undertake the complete material translated into the requested language within 30 calendar days after the order.
  • When choosing the 2nd package we can undertake the preparation of the materials included in the package in the requested language with a deadline of 80 calendar days after the order.